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Earlier this year PhoneCycle partnered with PCFA to help the fight against prostate cancer. It is hard to believe, but prostate cancer kills over 3,000 men in Australia every year. To put this figure in to perspective, that’s 1 in 7 men over the age of 75 who will be diagnosed with prostate cancer. Factors that may increase an individual’s chance of developing prostate cancer include family history, diet, genetics and lifestyle. These figures outline the importance of men over the age of 40 – if they have a family history of the disease, and more generally men over 50 getting annual health checks with their GP so any changes can be detected early and treated.

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Started in 2011, PhoneCycle was created to provide an economically and environmentally rewarding way for businesses and the wider community to manage their disused mobile phones. We provide an efficient service that allows clients from all across Australia to easily and securely sell or recycle their mobile devices.

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The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), recently released a report raising concerns about increasing inequality between Developed and Developing countries. The OECD warns that the increasing divide threatens economic growth. Although developed countries have been sending financial aid to developing countries for many years, economics experts from the World Bank suggest this fails to address the underlying issues. This poses the question, how can we empower citizens of developing countries with the ability to stimulate economic development?

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Most people don’t realise that our appetite for the latest and greatest in technological gadgets is contributing to the rampant destruction of Africa’s forests. The old phones littering our junk-drawers and the new phones in our pockets contain minerals mined from forests like those in the Congo Basin, a practice that is destroying the habitats of chimpanzees and other endangered apes.

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Earth Overshoot Day marks the date when our demand for natural resources overtakes the rate that the planet is able to supply. It is an annual campaign launched by the Global Footprint Network, an international sustainability think-tank hoping to raise people’s awareness of The Ecological Footprint and the planet’s limited natural resources.

This year, Earth Overshoot Day landed on August 19th. The resources we have used in the past 8 months will take the planet another 12 months to replenish. Comparing this to a bank account, we have spent our earnings for the year and we are now operating in the red. In light of this situation, it is essential that we change the way we manage natural resources and the way we view waste.

The telecommunications industry is an area technology which has boomed over recent years, with frequent technological developments and upgrades. Today, we see mobile phones facilitating rapid business and social connections around the world, enabling personal banking in rural sub-saharan Africa, helping to re-connect families separated in humanitarian crises.

To safeguard the positive development of mobile technology without negative environmental and social impacts, it is essential for mobile phone users to consider the full lifecycle of their mobile phone. Responsibly recycling allows valuable resources to be recovered, prevents toxins polluting the environment, and provides affordable communications to those in need.

PhoneCycle has developed its service to make sustainability simple and rewarding for businesses, ensuring that disused corporate mobile phones are disposed of responsibly. Contact PhoneCycle today for advice on how you can recycle your disused mobile phones. 

Many businesses and organisations across Australia have switched on to their e-waste and social responsibilities. One great way to do your bit for the environment and support your local community is to recycle your disused mobile phones.

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Recycle your phones at C2S

Sunday August 10th is the annual Sun-Herald City2Surf. PhoneCycle is excited to be supporting Team Bandaged Bear who are taking part in the event and raising funds for the Children’s Hospital at Westmead to help sick children and their families cope with the challenges they face every day.

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By 2015 there will be 1 billion mobile phones in Africa. Mobile phones are changing the lives of every day Africans. Mobile learning is accessible to more people in rural areas and to women, who have sometimes been excluded from traditional forms of education.

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65 Roses Day is the last Friday in May.

65 Roses has been the worldwide theme for raising awareness of cystic fibrosis for over 45 years. It all started when a small boy misheard his mother’s pronunciation of the disease as ‘sixty five roses’.

Cystic Fibrosis is the most common life-threatening recessive genetic condition affecting Australian children and young adults today. 

Cyctic Fibrosis

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Since 1987, 61,000 cancer deaths have been prevented. However, 1 in 2 Australians are still being diagnosed with cancer before age 85. You can help fund the vital research, prevention and support programs that will change these statistics.

ABMT - Recycle Phones at Tea


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As a proud charity partner of Cancer Council Victoria, PhoneCycle is excited to be involved in the Albert Park Relay For Life.

RFL Banner

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The Bandaged Bear Appeal is The Children’s Hospital at Westmead’s largest annual fundraising appeal.

The Children’s Hospital at Westmead relies on community generosity to raise the essential funds needed to purchase the most advanced medical equipment, conduct vital research and maintain its healing environment to enable the treatment of 100,000 patients every year.

Recycle Phones Bandaged Bear

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We are delighted to invite you to participate in the Jane Goodall Institute’s “They’re Calling On You!” mobile phone recycling campaign to help save Great Apes. 

Recycling phones save Gorillas

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PhoneCycle has signed up to CitySwitch!

City switch logo

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If you are looking for a great way to raise funds for a worthwhile cause this holiday season, re-gift your old mobile phones for new beginnings this Christmas.

Recycle Mobiles for Miracles

This year, The Children’s Hospital at Westmead has partnered with PhoneCycle to raise money to keep families with sick children together over Christmas through outpatient services.

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Hey Melbournians, get walking for a great cause.

This Sunday’s walk at Princes Park marks the 10th anniversary of the Walk to D-Feet MND.

Mobile Phone Recycling for MND

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Monday 11th to Sunday 17th November is National Recycling Week

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Here at PhoneCycle we believe in passionate people - whether that passion is aimed towards helping people or the planet we aspire to provide those passionate people with new ways to accomplish their goals. 

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It’s good for you, your wallet and the planet.

October is Buy Nothing New Month, so join the global movement for collective, conscientious consumption.

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Help raise awareness and much needed funds for research into the cause, treatment and cure of Motor Neurone Disease by getting together with family, friends and colleagues and get walking!

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Has your mobile phone given up the ghost? Well this Halloween PhoneCycle will bring it back to life!

PhoneCycle is running the Give up the Ghost  mobile phone recycling campaign throughout October to raise money for youth mental health organisation, headpace.

What’s the Trick? In the last week of October students can take their old phones in to school so that PhoneCycle can give them and life.

What’s the Treat? Funds raised will support the work of headspace National Youth Mental Health Foundation.

Mobile Phone Recycling Halloween

You may think that your phone is relatively clean, but...

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Join us at the Regeant Theatre, Collins Street, Melbourne, on Saturday October 26th at 2pm to see the award-winning live show King Kong followed by followed by cocktails and an intimate talk by a member of the King Kong production team who will provide a behind the scenes insight of this groundbreaking extravaganza.


Exclusive Event - King Kong


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Situated in the heart of Fitzroy in an elegant, 145 year old building is Charcoal Lane. The atmosphere and décor inside is pleasant and inviting. This is fine dining in Melbourne at its best.

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This Halloween join students from around the country in their quest to save the planet and raise funds for youth mental health.

Schools and their communities around the nation will be collecting old mobile phones for the “Give up the Ghost” campaign.

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We live in a world where many people face daily stresses and depression.  Your partner, sibling, housemate or co-worker may be going through a tough time or having a bad day...

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Say goodbye to the winter blues, spring is here!!!

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In April this year we celebrated the mobile phone turned 40, now Apple has announced their new iPhones and Samsung has released their new trendy gadget – the Galaxy Gear smartwatch.

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 Mobile phone use is growing exponentially both in Australia and around the world. By 2014 there will be more phones in the world than human beings! PhoneCycle partners with environmentally conscious schools to raise funds and combat this threat to the environment.

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Every year Greenpeace releases a report card rating some of the leading electronics companies on their policies and practices regarding energy and climate.

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Many corporations are becoming increasingly aware of their social and environmental responsibilities. Are you?

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The global population is 7.1 billion and the number of mobile phone subscriptions is 6.8 million. With statistics like this, the prediction by the International Telecoms Union that mobile phones will outnumber people by early next year seems highly plausible.

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 It’s that time of year again - TAX TIME! The end of another financial year often means many of us are madly rushing around trying to get our tax returns in order. Whether this means filling in your tax form or having your financial advisor do it for you, there are bound to be many receipts to be dug out from the past 12 months.

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This week the trusty mobile phone turned 40 years old!! The ancestor of our smartphones weighed 1kg and had 35minutes of battery life. Times certainly have changed. The evolution of the mobile phone is continually contributing to advancement in developed countries including Australia. Many companies today rely heavily on smartphones to run their business efficiently. However, the luxury of smartphones is not something that all countries can afford.

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On March 23rd at 8.30pm, the largest global movement for the environment will take place. Earth Hour, a WWF initiative first started in Sydney and has extended all over the world. This year’s Earth Hour is not just about switching all your lights off to show your commitment to protecting the earth, but also pledging to switch to renewable energy. This is to further make a stand on the negative effects of climate change that are continuing to rise.

Events are being organised all over the world, why not plan your own Earth Hour Event? It’s a great opportunity to fundraise for the WWF as well. Why not organise to raise money through recycling your old mobile phones with PhoneCycle before Earth Hour and celebrate your efforts with friends and family on the night? Protecting the environment and raising money for a very worthy cause, what could be better?

For more information on Earth Hour check out

Most Australians upgrade their mobile phones every 18 to 24 months but what happens to your disused phones? Over 80% of mobile phone users either leave their old handsets gathering dust in storage or pass their handset on. It's estimated there are over 22 million unwanted mobiles in homes around Australia.

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The Sustainable Living Festival is coming to town! Between February 9-24th Victorians will be embracing practical solutions to the ecological and social challenges of today. The purpose of the Festival is to raise awareness of sustainable living through empowerment and inspiration.

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PhoneCycle is proud to be affiliated with the Cancer Council and is honoured to receive a Research Award for the funding of world-class cancer research.

The Cancer Council has been providing people affected by cancer with much needed support since its establishment in 1937. With nearly 30, 000 Victorians being diagnosed with cancer each year, the life-saving research conducted by the Cancer Council is vital.

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The long awaited iPhone 5 release has left many personal and business consumers investigating the feasibility of upgrading in order to take advantage of the faster 4G support as well as the range of new features hosted by iOS6 and the slimmer, lighter phone.

For business consumers in particular, the concept of an upgrade can seem daunting as there are many questions that are often left unanswered by manufacturers and network suppliers. So, instead of focusing on the specs of the iPhone 5, the team here at PhoneCycle are attempting to answer some of the most common concerns we’ve heard from businesses looking to upgrade, many of which can be answered by simply recycling your old phones as part of the upgrade process.

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To help you promote mobile phone recycling to your friends and colleagues we have developed a poster that you can download below. You can use this poster to put up around your organisation or email out. Once you have collected 10 phones or more, contact us to organise a free courier collection.

Recycle Mobile Phones Poster   Recycle Mobile Phones

PhoneCycle is proudly offering businesses the chance to raise money for headspace by recycling old phones.

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Mobile phones are a vital part of life today, but how did they come to have this status in the world?

The story of the mobile phone can be dated back as early as 1926, in Germany where, first class passenger trains, running from Berlin to Hamburg used radio telephone technology. American passenger ships during the 1930s utilised radio telephones to place calls to America while in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. However rudimentary these forms of mobile telephony were, they have been around for a surprisingly long time.

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With a growing amount of network providers and new mobile phones coming out with 4g capabilities, 4G stands for Forth Generation of Cellular Communications and is the latest advancement in the evolution of mobile data.

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A report conducted by Harvard Business School has found that imposing a ban on staff using their Blackberries, iPhones or other work related devices once a week leads to better performance amongst staff.

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Over the past decade, mobile networking has become a reality, it makes sense that businesses should grow to accommodate these new aspects of technology. In Australia, the use of older technology mobile phones has decreased substantially in the last few years, with most networkes including access to the internet on the phones. This has been brought on by the evolution of the smart phone. Phones such as iPhones and Android phones have been developed for everyday users, making them easy to understand, whilst being powerful enough to perform tasks which up until now, only laptops and desktop computers were able to perform. These phones are ideal for an advanced country such as Australia.

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Recycling mobile phones can improve the lives of many people in third world countries, such as India. In India, mobile phones can improve the lives of business owners, help with agriculture and farming, and even strengthen familial bonds.

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PhoneCycle is now welcoming on board the Jane Goodall Institute Australia.

JGI Australia was established by a small, dedicated group of volunteers who have been moved by Jane and now wish to make a positive difference in this world.

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Even if it does not seem like a big thing, recycling your old mobile phones is an excellent way to give them a prolonged life and lower the need for coltan to be mined.

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Don’t leave your old mobile phones sitting around in a dusty corner of the office.

Although it is never too late to recycle old mobile phones, we recommended you recycle your old phones as soon as possible to ensure you receive the optimum return for them. The longer you leave them lying around, the less value they have.

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Research has shown that mobile phone recycling could help save the environment and the economy. Recycling reduces the environmental impacts associated with extracting and refining raw materials at the same time as providing a cheaper option that creates jobs.

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Recycle phones to protect the environment and generate revenue

At PhoneCycle we work with your organisation to maximise revenue by recycling old phones and at the same time helping minimise e-waste in Australia through our hassle-free phone recycling service.

Every part of our service is developed to make mobile phone recycling easy and rewarding for you and your business.

The three main incentives for mobile phone recycling are financial, environmental and social.

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The three main incentives for mobile phone recycling are financial, environmental and social.

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Reusing and recycling mobile phones is an easy and important way to help the environment. Mobile phones and e-waste contains a number of toxins that need to be disposed of safely. Many of these toxic substances — including antimony, arsenic, beryllium, cadmium, copper, lead, nickel, and zinc — belong to a class of chemicals known as persistent toxins, which linger in the environment for long periods without breaking down. By recycling you are helping keep these toxic chemicals out of landfill.

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PhoneCycle is proud to provide a method for fostering the development and empowerment of people across the developing world using used mobile phones from Australian companies.

PhoneCycle strives to achieve best practice management of your used mobile phones. To achieve this we use the waste hierarchy as a foundation for our decisions. This means that we aim to reuse rather than recycle mobile phones. Reuse is the best environmental option but it also provides vital communications in developing countries.

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“All I can say is that they were a pleasure to deal with, so streamlined and no hassles.…..highly recommend  this company.”
- Vicki Raguz, Procurement Manager, Metcash
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