recycle mobile phones

PhoneCycle provides a lifecycle solution for mobile phones. This means that we remove mobile phones from the waste stream and remarket them for reuse.

PhoneCycle sends working phones for reuse because it reduces the need for raw materials and energy used in manufacturing new products. It also provides vital communications to developing countries that cannot afford new phones. If mobile phones or their parts cannot be reused then over 95% of their materials can be recycled.


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“I found PhoneCycle Pty Ltd to be very professional and easy to do business with. They have taken the hard work out of recycling old Mobile phones, all it took was one phone call and all was arranged. I will be using them in the future and recommending them to other people”
- Peggy Blair, Finance and Administration Officer, AJ Lucas Operations Pty Limited & Electrical
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Divert toxins

The Cadmium in one mobile phone battery could pollute up to 600,000 litres of drinking water (Holdway and Walker, 2004)

Save resources

Australians have approximately 16 million old mobile phones stashed away at home or in the office (Source: AMTA)


Average working life of a mobile phone is 7 years (Sharpe, 2005)