recycle mobile phones

Many of the organisations that we work with choose to donate the value of the their mobile phones and tablets to charity. Mobile phone recycling is an easy and rewarding way to fundraise. 

Mobile phone recycling for charity can also provide vital communications to developing countries. PhoneCycle is proud to provide a method for fostering the development and empowerment of people in developing countries by providing working mobile phones from Australian companies. Your used mobile phones offer a valuable lifeline to communities, enhancing quality of life, offering economic possibilities and important infrastructure.

Contact us to get advice on running a succesful mobile phone recycling campaign for charity.


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“All I can say is that they were a pleasure to deal with, so streamlined and no hassles.…..highly recommend  this company.”
- Vicki Raguz, Procurement Manager, Metcash
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fundraise for charity

100% of the money raised from your collection goes directly to the charity

Donate assets

Mobile phones are bringing virtual bank accounts to some of the 3 billion people in developing countries that do not have access to financial services (World Bank)

Create opportunity

Farmers in Africa can now use their mobile phones to find out the market prices for their crop so they receive better prices (Bloomberg)