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Benefits of Mobile Phone Repairs: Don't replace old for new - Keep your devices going for longer.

Choosing to repair a device is an environmentally, socially and economically sustainable solution to replacing old for new.

There are many reasons why choosing to repair your phone is a great option from saving your hip pocket to saving the planet!

Benefits of repairing mobile phones:

It’s the Easiest Option!

Most mobile devices can be fixed easily and for a fraction of the cost of upgrading to a new device. With the introduction of Independent Apple Repair Providers and Samsung Authorised Repair Centres, consumers now have local access to the same level of service, parts and software as they would going direct to the manufacturer.

Due to the increasing scarcity of raw materials, a new phone can now set you back up to $2,000. For a more affordable option, consumers are opting to hold onto their phones for longer, with a phone’s expected lifecycle now spanning several years. During that time, it’s probable that some maintenance is required to keep them functioning at an optimal level. So rather than forking out thousands for a new phone, a repair can get an existing phone back up and running without the hassle or cost of an upgrade.

PhoneCycle offers a range of cost-effective repair services to keep your devices going for longer.

It’s better for the environment!

As global warming continues to rise and the associated challenges climate change presents, there’s been a shift in consumer mentality from a throw-away society towards more conscientious and sustainable choices.

In aiming to counteract the rising costs of technology and reducing the tech carbon footprint, consumers are moving toward a circular economy approach. One such approach is choosing to extend the working life of a mobile phone with a quality repair, minimising the demand for new products and effectively reducing the need to extract further raw materials from the earth.

Human rights issues:

The tech industry relies on the supply of cobalt from the Democratic Republic of Congo, a country rife with political turbulence and a history of exploitative work practices and child labor. More than half the world’s supply of cobalt, a mineral used to manufacture rechargeable batteries and various other electrical components, is mined in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Animal rights issues:

Extending the working life of an existing device through repair can help save the fragile habitats of some of the world’s most vulnerable and endangered species. Mining of raw materials poses a significant threat to the natural habitats vital for the survival of endangered species such as the Eastern Lowland and Mountain Gorillas. Delicate ecosystems are under threat from deforestation in order to make way for mining sites and the transportation of precious minerals necessary to manufacture new replacement mobile phones.

PhoneCycle is proud to partner with Zoos Victoria’s gorilla conservation program committed to the preservation of critically endangered gorillas in the wild. Find out more about Zoo’s Victoria’s They’re Calling on You! gorilla conservation.

Professional phone repairs come with a repair warranty:

Phones repaired through a reputable company ensures repairs are carried out by professionally trained technicians and come with a parts warranty, ensuring peace-of-mind.

PhoneCycle is a proud certified Apple Independent Repair Provider (IRP). Our expert technicians have undergone extensive training and completed examinations to ensure they have the skills and knowledge to fix iPhones to Apple’s standards, using genuine Apple parts, tools and diagnostics.

Extend the value and working life of your phone with a quality repair. Find out more about PhoneCycle’s range of repair services.

Phones deemed “Beyond Economical Repair” (BER) means that the estimated cost to repair exceeds the replacement or market value of the device. These phones can be processed via recycle channels, where they are broken down and raw materials are salvaged for reuse. For more information on how to recycle BER devices, visit our recycling partner Mobile Muster.

Still keen to upgrade your device?

When the time eventually comes to upgrade your old phone, you can play a key part in the circular economy by ethically disposing of end-of-life devices. Working devices can be traded in with PhoneCycle, passed on to friends and family or donated to charity. PhoneCycle is proud to partner with charities across Australia through phone donations. We support charities working with disadvantaged communities facing homelessness and domestic violence issues by providing working devices which helps maintain connections with caseworkers and support networks. Find out more about donating phones to charity.

If you’re looking for your next phone and want to make a more sustainable choice, why not consider purchasing a refurbished phone?

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