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National Recycling Week 2019

This year marks the 24th annual National Recycling Week, which was established through Planet Ark in the hopes to raise awareness and promote behaviour change when it comes to waste.

Over the years the way in which we recycle has changed as it evolves with the type of waste we now produce and at PhoneCycle we take it very seriously.

Foremost we encourage mobile phone trade-in. This means you are able to trade your unwanted phones for second-hand mobile devices which create less of a need for raw materials. By upholding a lifecycle management approach, the working life of a phone can be extended through repairs and reuse.

When devices are at the very end of their life or are too old the components are recycled with Advanced Resource Recycling who uphold the industry standards to ensure that up to 98% of the parts are recovered.

Further to this, batteries from mobile phones are sent to Mobile Muster. All cardboard boxes we receive are either reused or disposed of appropriately and bubble wrap is kept in the office to be used at a later date. Lastly, any plastic satchel bags we receive are sent to Terra Cycle.

Now is an important time as ever to think about your own recycling habits, whether that be at home or in the office as there's always room to improve.

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