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PhoneCycle's Device Recycling Programs Generate $100,000 for Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation


PhoneCycle, a leading device lifecycle solutions provider, has reached a remarkable milestone by raising $100k for one of the largest kids' health charities in the country, Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation (SCHF). The funds were generated through PhoneCycle's sustainable device reuse and buy-back programs across Australia. The funds will be used to help provide children with access to the best possible healthcare whenever and wherever needed.

PhoneCycle proudly works with hundreds of businesses across Australia, supporting them in the ethical disposal of their business’ electronic equipment, including smartphones, tablets and laptops. The collective effort resulted in an outstanding accomplishment of raising $100,000 for Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation, whilst reducing the environmental impact of e-waste on the planet.

"We are immensely pleased with our business partners for their support and generosity," said Owen Jones, Managing Director at PhoneCycle. "Their decision to donate the value generated from their equipment, has enabled us to raise a substantial amount for Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation, which has not only helped the circular economy, enhancing their sustainability commitments, but has played a part in the future impact of children's health. All contributions of all sizes together have made a great impact. It's an incredibly rewarding part of our job."

Over the last 10 years, more than 200 businesses have donated the value of their 8,000 devices to Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation through PhoneCycle's corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs. These programs have enabled PhoneCycle to recover and reuse mobile phones, tablets and laptops with minimal impact on the environment. The 8,000 devices have resulted in saving 33,811MJ of fossil fuels, avoiding 4,981g of C2 H4 air pollutants, whilst preventing 8,905 kg of CO2 greenhouse gas emissions, and saving 15,698 kg of mineral resources. A special mention should go to the key donors including WestPac, Transdev John Holland Buses, Fire & Rescue NSW, Mizuho Bank, Ltd., Stowe Australia and Singapore Airlines Ltd, showcasing the significant impact achieved through collective participation.

The funds raised through the recycling of used business electronic equipment will directly benefit Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation’s three core areas: Research, Clinical Experience, and Patient Care, championing kids health throughout Australia. From paying for new equipment, training and education to funding groundbreaking research or the building of new state-of-the-art facilities, funds donated to the charity are provided to the highest and most urgent priorities.

Lisa Woolf-Jones, Head of Corporate Partnerships at Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation commended "PhoneCycle‘s passion and values make them an ideal partner to align with Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation. Their commitment to making the world a healthier place is shown through their business practices and also their ongoing commitment to Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation. No kid should have to go through being in hospital, but those who do deserve our all. We deeply appreciate the impact PhoneCycle and their business partners have on the lives of sick and injured kids and look forward to their incredible generosity and continued support.”

PhoneCycle continues to lead the way working with businesses to enhance their sustainability commitments, through their rewarding corporate social responsibility (CSR) Programs. By recovering and reusing mobile phones, tablets, and laptops, PhoneCycle has diverted over 63,000 kilograms of e-waste from landfills, contributing to the circular economy and minimising environmental impact. They have raised over $450,000 for charitable organisations.

For more information about PhoneCycle's device lifecycle solutions and how businesses can also raise funds to support Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation's initiatives through their smartphones, laptops and tablets, please visit

About PhoneCycle:

PhoneCycle specialises in providing rewarding and convenient device lifecycle solutions for preowned smartphones, tablets, and laptops throughout Australia. Their priority is to reuse, repair, and recycle used devices, extending their lifespan and minimising environmental impact. PhoneCycle works with enterprises, insurers, MSPs, charities, and consumers throughout Australia, offering a full suite of services throughout the device lifecycle, including trade-in, Apple-certified repairs, recycling, data erasure, onsite solutions, and the resale of affordable pre-owned devices.



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