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“PhoneCycle is a fantastic initiative helping the environment and a number of charities. The Children’s Hospital at Westmead is extremely appreciative of PhoneCycle’s support, with donations helping ensure our young patients have the best possible chance for a great future. Donations to the Hospital can help fund ground-breaking research into the causes and cures of childhood illnesses and buy state-of-the-art medical equipment and technology." - Phoebe Cunningham | Corporate Partnerships Manager | Fundraising – The Children’s Hospital at Westmead

“I had a great experience working with PhoneCycle. Their attentive, personalised service and efficient follow ups are much appreciated. We are very happy to be a part of this initiative and to be supporting the work of some wonderful charities.” - Christine Deligiannis, Executive Assistant – [PowerNet] The Ventura Group


“We have always found Phone Cycle to be easy to work with, they have a quick turn around with getting our items collected and value of items back to us. Always a pleasure working with them.” - Laing O’Rourke, Select Plant Hire


“We have used Phonecycle’s services on a couple of occasions now and have found them very easy to work with and offer a great service. We also are able to donate the proceeds to the Charity of our choice.” - Glenn McKenzie,  Manager, Davis Bus Lines


“We found phone cycle to be a wonderful organization to deal with, being able to donate our incentive money gave our company great satisfaction.” - Melissa Rutter, Viatek


“When managing a large fleet of mobile devices, finding a solution for the challenge of what to do with old handsets can be very frustrating and time consuming. The devices are often still useful either as out-moded handsets or for parts and simply discarding them is not acceptable. PhoneCycle have provided us with a straightforward and responsible way to meet this challenge. Not only do they take the devices off my hands, they ensure that each device and its parts are utilised at the highest level of functionality possible. Devices are discarded responsibly and only when necessary. Also, while we do wipe our own devices, it is reassuring to receive a certificate confirming that each device has been cleansed of data. Not only do PhoneCycle provide this service, they also allow us to choose a charity to donate the proceeds of processing the handsets to.

So four big benefits:

  • Handsets are taken off my hands.

  • Handsets are certified as cleansed of data.

  • Handsets are recycled or disposed of responsibility.

  • Proceeds are donated to a worthy cause of my choosing.

What’s not to love?!” - Wendy Young, Telecommunications Administrator, Technology Services Group


“PhoneCycle is very professional and they provide a Certificate of Recycling too. Not only is their service environmentally friendly but it also gives us the option to donate to our selected charity. Great customer service and we’ll surely do business with them again!” - Karen Alawi, IT Officer, Esri Australia


“PhoneCycle is great, all you need to do is put your old phones together, PhoneCycle then organise for them to be picked up the next day free of charge! I would definitely recommend PhoneCycle… It’s fast, super easy and the money for the phones goes to the charity of your choice!” – Emily McGain, Club Assist


“I have been using the services of Phone Cycle for the past two years. I have found the process of recycling my unwanted telephony equipment extremely easy. The staff make everything very clear as to the process; from the booking of the delivery, the collection, all the way through to the resulting monetary value of the goods.  All done very promptly and professionally.” - Samantha Lazarus, National Telecommunications Co-ordinator, Australian Industry Group


“I found PhoneCycle Pty Ltd to be very professional and easy to do business with. They have taken the hard work out of recycling old Mobile phones, all it took was one phone call and all was arranged. I will be using them in the future and recommending them to other people.” - Peggy Blair, Finance and Administration Officer, AJ Lucas Operations Pty Limited


“After Phone Cycle contacted me and advised me what services they offered I  thought I’d give them a go.  All I can say is that they were a pleasure to deal with, so streamlined and no hassles.…..highly recommend  this company.” - Vicki Raguz, Procurement Manager, Metcash


“Thank you for your help with recycling our mobile handsets.  The service was great and so effortless, I’ll definitely be using Phonecycle again in the future.  Thanks again.” - Angela Norman, Procurement & Assets Officer, Symbion Pty Ltd


“When we found our storeroom cupboard filling up with old unwanted and faulty mobile phones, we looked for an environmentally friendly way to dispose of them.  Phonecycle was the answer.  All we did is box-up all our unwanted and faulty mobile phones and Phonecycle did the rest.  They arranged pick up the next day and provided a “Certificate of Recycling”.  You should have seen my boss’ face when I told him Phonecycle paid US for the disposal!” - Claude Matthews, IT Operations Manager, Corum Group


“Using PhoneCycle to recycle our old mobile phones was quite easy, just give them a call with how many old phones you have and they will ring you back to organise a pick up and even pay you back some dollars, Great service thanks” - Jeff Jorgensen, IT Department, Middy's Data & Electrical


“The prompt service from pick up of the phones to the payment of them, was remarkably fast, great effort.” - Gay Futterleib, Industrial and Safety Support Services, Wesfarmers 


“PhoneCycle is easy to work with and has helped us make a real difference to not only the environment, but our selected charity.” - Brad Boron, ICT Administrator, Hazell Bros

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