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Taronga and Taronga Western Plains Zoos are calling on you to recycle your old mobile phone, to help save one of our closest living relatives.


Mining for conflict minerals, especially coltan – a mineral found in mobile phones - is accelerating the loss of mountain gorillas and at least 10 other African primate species at an alarmingly fast rate.


By simply recycling an old mobile phone, the pressure on gorilla habitat is reduced and money raised from refurbished mobile phones supports conservation projects in Africa.


PhoneCycle is working with the Taronga Conservation Society Australia to help protect the environment and save gorillas in the wild. If you’d like to find out more about this program visit:

Run your own mobile phone recycling campaign at work, school or within your community to help save wild gorillas.

Here are a few tips and resources for running a successful mobile phone recycling campaign:

Raise awareness


Download the They’re Calling on You poster and collection box label to hand-out or email to your friends, family and colleagues.

Let everyone know how recycling their mobile phones can raise money for the Jane Goodall Institute and save primates.

Make it fun and easy for people to take part


Create your own collection point by reusing a cardboard box or any receptacle and attach our collection box label. Nominate a location for your collection box or ask for volunteers to collect mobile phones for recycling.

Let everyone know the timeframe for your mobile phone recycling campaign. We would recommend one month – Long enough for everyone to bring in their phones but short enough that people do not forget.


Run a competition for the class, department or branch that collects the most phones – Encourage people to bring in all of their spare phones. 


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