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How it works

  1. We organise a FREE courier collection for 10 devices or more.

  2. We assess the condition and value of the devices.

  3. We make the payment to you or your nominated charity.

Do you have less than 10 devices?

Here is some advice on how to recycle/sell your phones/tablets.

Packaging advice

  • Pack the devices and accessories in strong outer packaging to prevent damage during transportation.

  • The devices must be secured against movement within the outer packaging and packed to prevent accidental operation during transport.

  • Please leave batteries inside the devices wherever possible. If a battery is sent without a device, the battery must be wrapped in bubble wrap, or something similar, to avoid short circuit. No more than 2 x loose batteries per collection.

  • Do not include any batteries that have been damaged or swollen.

  • The shipping and lithium battery warning labels must be taped to the package in preparation for collection.

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